This information was found at the Broadwater County Museum and Broadwater County Records with the much-appreciated assistance of the curators and researched by Deep Creek Cemetery Board Directors and Broadwater County Officials. The Deep Creek Cemetery has been in existence since 1871 when an infant, 4 day-old Bertie P. Baker, was buried there in the original part of the cemetery, which was donated by Homer Shelley who owned much land in the Deep Creek area; thus the name Deep Creek Cemetery. It is not currently known just how much land was donated by Homer Shelley or the exact date it was given as no records can be found tracing this transaction. 

In 1909 Homer Shelley deeded and sold to Jacob Titman some approximately 10 acres. On the September 1, 1917, Jacob Titman donated approximately 10 acres by his family D.S. Van Buskirk, Ann A. Buskirk, Eleanor Van Buskirk (Cummins), with W.W. Harvey, and C.V. Flynn as guardians of Jacob Titman to increase the size of the Deep Creek Cemetery. This information was taken from the original deed, which was filed September 22, 1917, by Wm. Ragen, County Recorder of Broadwater County. 

The size of the Cemetery increased again on October 5, 1918 when H.P. Brandee and A.C. Carson donated .2204 acres of land to the Deep Creek Cemetery recorded October 8, 1918 by Wm. Ragen, County Recorder. 

On May 6, 1918 approximately 1.04 acres was donated to the Deep Creek Cemetery by John F. Cauffman and Luella Cauffman and recorded May 10, 1918 by Wm.Ragen, County Recorder. 

Then on June 11, 1958, William and Mary Prosser donated approximately .81 acres to the Deep Creek Cemetery. Ann Marie Stiner, County Recorder, recorded this transaction June 16, 1958. 

The Articles of Incorporation of the Deep Creek Cemetery were filed July 2, 1917, by W.W. Harvey, J E. Kanouse, EL. Boone, Harmon Grimm, John W. Rardon, Chas. Lippert, E.H. Goodman, J.D. Doggett, and RF. Condra. Original Trustees were J.D. Doggett, President, W.W. Harvey, Chairman, and EH. Goodman, Sectetary. By-Laws were created and instituted in July of 1917. 

1996 to Present

On June 14, 1996, the Deep Creek Cemetery Association purchased 1.532 acres of land from Alice Rieder of Boulder, Mt. It was filed and recorded June 20, 1996 by Elaine Gravely, County Recorder. This brings the current total acreage of the Cemetery to approximately 13.7 acres. Currently there are approximately 2000 graves of loved ones in Deep Creek Cemetery.

Many people have contributed to the upkeep of the Deep Creek Cemetery since its origin around 1871. Over the years, many groups have donated their time planting trees, planting and nurturing grass, and assisting with general maintenance of the Cemetery.

The Trustees that served in past years are to be thanked for their excellent job that they did over the years. The time and energies extended is very recognizable. 

The caretakers, as well, are, to be thanked for their tireless hours of work that has contributed to today’s beauty of the Deep Creek Cemetery. Known caretakers over the years are Bill Grimm, S.M. Healy, Roy Doggett, Jim & Kathern Ragen, and Bill Alley Jr. 

Bill Alley Sr., is to be commended for the exceptional work he and his family have done for the past several years. 

Before the advent of the backhoe, graves were dug by hand. Known gravediggers over the years are Sam Stennett, Ernie Cowels, S.M. Healy, and Jimmy Heron. 

Special note is to be made of Alvena Hooper who until just a few years ago served as Secretary/Treasurer and a Trustee for over 45 years. Alvena’s unending energies and time put forth for the welfare of the cemetery will always be remembered and appreciated. 

Over the past 13 years vast improvements have been made at the Cemetery to enhance all of the improvements that have been made over the past 140 years. Some recent improvements include: new fencing on the East and South sides, a new irrigation pump and sprinkler system, Bob Hensley granted the Cemetery a right of way easement across his land from the canal to the Cemetery, a double row of over 60 Blue Spruce trees were planted in the newly acquired section, the entire Cemetery has been surveyed and put on computer with accurate maps established, all of the gravesites that are in use as well as those yet to be sold have been computerized for easy access and accurate record keeping, a new storage building has been erected to house the mowers and other necessary maintenance equipment, and a Directory has been constructed to house an alphabetized listing of all of the graves in the Cemetery by section-lot-and plot#. People in search of loved ones’ graves now have easy access to the listing and maps showing the exact location. Signs have been installed marking each section of the cemetery, A -L. The Association has also purchased a new holding device for assistance with caskets at burials, roads have been continually upgraded, and a new system for watering under the mature pine trees is in the works. The Jeff Poole family has donated and maintained the road signs giving directions to the Cemetery and Rick Kitto donated the signage at the Cemetery giving the address where donations can be sent. 

The Board of Trustees of the Deep Creek Cemetery Association is proud to announce that the entire Cemetery is and has been under Perpetual Care. For many years Hahn Ranch Trucking had the contract for the opening and closing of the gravesites and they in turn did a great job. They initiated a procedure whereby the topsoil from the gravesite was hauled away; thus eliminating the unsightly hill that used to accompany the burial site. In turn BSE took over this job and continues to do very quality work. 

Without a doubt, the trustees of today as well as those of the past feel that they have one of the best-kept cemeteries in and around Montana. 

The Deep Creek Cemetery Association is a non profit organization and as such, depends on donations, memorials, the sale of gravesites, and the occasional money that has been given through the years from bequeaths from individuals in their wills. 

If you appreciate what has been done in the past at the cemetery, please mention that to one of the current trustees. Also, let us know if there is something you would really like to see done to improve the cemetery. Your continued support of Deep Creek Cemetery has and always will be very much appreciated. 

This information has been compiled for the Board of Trustees of the Deep Creek Cemetery Association and anyone that may have loved ones buried there. The Trustees would greatly appreciate any other history, corrections or additions that anyone might have in reference to the history of the Deep Creek Cemetery. 

Don Plymale, owner of Baldy Mountain Construction, has installed a chain link fence on the entire north side of the Cemetery at no cost to the Association. A big Thank You to Mr. Plymale and Baldy Mountain Construction. 

A new cement structure was installed in March of 2006 in the Broadwater-Missouri Canal to better serve the existing sprinkler system. This included a new rotary screen to eliminate moss buildup, a new check valve, miscellaneous cones. electrical work, backhoe work by BSE, and cement work by Turcotte Masonry and Cement Inc. Bob Davis of the Broadwater-Missouri Canal oversaw this project.

Topsoil from the Broadwater-Missouri Canal has been donated to the Deep Creek Cemetery Association and will be hauled by the County Road Crew. Many thanks to all who participated in this venture. 

Content copied with modifications from newspaper article in the Townsend Star, June 2, 2011 (Volume 115, No. 22)